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StudioTrack was founded in 2020 by ShaShiKanta Sahoo . SKS is a electrician in this field as he started playing he was in school. His musical journey began with school events which later turned into college events and then private parties including pubs, clubs, weddings, corporate events and so on. He is known for his skills to keep the crowd grooving with his EDM, Bollywood, Ollywood, Punjabi and Marathi mixes. DJ sks love for music is not just limited to DJ mixing; Music Production and Remixing are other areas where he is hitting the right notes. In 2018 he started a YouTube channel to share his knowledge with the world.
It was the first 2020 YouTube Channel in India, who provided knowledge, tips & tricks, suggestions, shared their FL projects to the struggling music producers. Not just from India, StudioTrack stole hearts of producers from neighboring countries as well. Today StudioTrack provide the best tutorials for music production in India. We aim to provide a better knowledge for producers or musicians in the form of Tutorials, free FLPs, Presets, Sample Packs, etc. We take it as a challenge to provide you with the best samples, presets, FLPs and our valuable suggestions/recommendations. Apart from free services mentioned above, we also provide Consulting, Online Classes, Mixing & Mastering services, creating a Remix/Bootleg Track and creating a Cover Song.

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